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 iPaaS design integration on the Cloud

iPaaS design integration on the Cloud - Excerpt from ZeroUnoWEb's article dedicated to the Exevutive Dinner event organized by Mind-Mercatis. An event that brought to light the reputation of reliable, scalable and rapidly adoptable design solutions by Italian companies aiming at process digitization. Mind-Mercatis is a reality that offers solutions and expertise [...]


From Factory 4.0 to the Cloud: data governance and exploitation

Interview of Mind-Mercatis CEO Simone Avogadro published by Newsimpresa-Dossier-IBE magazine From factory 4.0 to the cloud: data governance and exploitation! Mind-Mercatis is a leading company in organizational process integration and business transformation. Business scenarios evolve rapidly, and to keep up, it is not enough to coin new slogans but to evolve corporate culture, [...]


The Power of the Cloud - Hybrid integration through iPaaS

Scaling quickly and cost-effectively to the cloud Hybrid integration through iPaaS! Have you ever googled "How to scale business"? Try it and you'll be amazed at the results you'll find! The most surprising thing about this issue is that it probably doesn't surprise many people. The topic is popular because regardless of business size, the goal for everyone is [...]


Hybrid integration - CEO Simone Avogadro speaks.

A significant excerpt from Mind-Mercatis CEO Simone Avogadro's interview on iPaaS, Hybrid Cloud and integration strategies on ZeroUnoWeb. Hybrid integration comes through iPaaS, and Mind-Mercatis, an IT consulting firm specializing in integration design, proposes iPaaS solutions that simplify communication between heterogeneous data and applications through native APIs and connectors. Integration today appears as [...]


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