What our customers are looking for


Renew your company's business model, modulating growth prospects to industry opportunities by adopting an innovative vision, flexible tools and the ongoing support of experienced advisors


Adapt your business strategy to digital channels and products, intercepting your target audience and developing an in-depth understanding of their needs to purchase or use services


Understand what gaps to fill in the user experience, starting with a preliminary analysis of the business and its current strategy, evolving the relationship with its stakeholders, and making the most of touchpoints and digital knowledge


Having an expert outside eye that is not influenced by corporate culture, ensuring ongoing support in the digital transformation journey, from strategic and tactical definition to the adoption and use of new enabling resources for business development

Our approach

Discover our winning methodology to improve your business

Interviews and workshops

We involve the whole company with interviews and workshops to get down to business reality and bring all stakeholders on board.

Digital Landscape

We analyze the relevant context to identify competitors' strengths and weaknesses and what led to memorable experiences in similar contexts.

Definition personas

We analyze customer behavior through ad hoc surveys to learn about their explicit and implicit needs, wants, and expectations.

Customer Journey

We map the user's customer journey throughout the relationship with the company to identify critical elements and points of attention

Definition of interventions

We evaluate the interventions to be implemented to address the intersection of detected gaps and market best practices and consider feasibility with business case and investment plan.

Roadmap and timeline

We design the implementation roadmap to establish a shared path within a medium- to long-term time horizon.

Experts in your digital transformation

We help companies evolve in their relationship with their customers

Food Sector

"Our company needed a strategy to stay abreast of market evolution, and the solution together with Mind-Mercatis was to redesign the services offered to customers...all through automations to extract data and communicate better!"

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Fashion retail sector

"We are a company that has been in the fashion industry for a long time, but we did not have such a deep understanding of digital tools. With Mind-Mercatis, we integrated our e-commerce data with analysis and reporting tools, successfully redesigning our business growth strategy."

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Beauty and Cosmetics Sector

"We had long had ideas to better digitize our customers' experience but, understanding how to make our infrastructure flexible and how to implement our project was not easy. We turned to Mind-Mercatis to ask for strategic and operational support..to this day our collaboration continues with enthusiasm and many future plans."

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Manufacturing Sector

"We are a young company that is always looking for innovative proposals. Mind-Mercatis' digital team listened to our ideas, and together we designed an internal platform to manage our business and make our growth scalable."

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