What our customers are looking for


Supporting with the most appropriate technological components the creation of digital experiences, optimizing those already in the organization and implementing those best suited to achieving strategic objectives


Decoupling the complexity of the underlying systems from the dynamics that digital demands, empowering the individual tool through its optimal use within the context of business growth


Integrate the service blueprint for maximum interoperability and scalability in vendor-neutral mode, to deeply map your organization's processes and critical interaction points, putting the consistency of customer expectations with service delivery at the center


Evolve IT and business structure in tandem, avoiding misalignment and resistance to digital change by integrating pre-existing know-how into a new vision of process design and management

Our approach 

Discover our winning methodology to improve your business

Information systems assessment

Assessment of current systems through evaluation of current components and how data are exchanged.

Identifying business-IT points of contact

Evaluation of the various synergistic aspects between business and IT components to identify the most suitable architecture.


Scouting for the best architectural components to propose solutions calibrated to different business strategies.

Make or buy

Consideration of make-or-buy choice, i.e., use of custom components versus market platforms.

Software selection

Software selection for ad hoc selection of the best vendors in the market to implement the proposed architecture.

Experts in your digital transformation

We help companies evolve in their relationship with their customers

Food Sector

"Our company needed a strategy to stay abreast of market evolution, and the solution together with Mind-Mercatis was to redesign the services offered to customers...all through automations to extract data and communicate better!"

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Fashion retail sector

"We are a company that has been in the fashion industry for a long time, but we did not have such a deep understanding of digital tools. With Mind-Mercatis, we integrated our e-commerce data with analysis and reporting tools, successfully redesigning our business growth strategy."

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Beauty and Cosmetics Sector

"We had long had ideas to better digitize our customers' experience but, understanding how to make our infrastructure flexible and how to implement our project was not easy. We turned to Mind-Mercatis to ask for strategic and operational support..to this day our collaboration continues with enthusiasm and many future plans."

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Manufacturing Sector

"We are a young company that is always looking for innovative proposals. Mind-Mercatis' digital team listened to our ideas, and together we designed an internal platform to manage our business and make our growth scalable."

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