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Accelerates data management through the cloud

We help companies stay abreast of technological change by collaborating on the definition and implementation of a safe and timely cloud migration strategy

Why contact us

Thinking of moving to the Cloud but want to find out the benefits with Atlassian?

About the Atlassian Cloud

If you are thinking about migrating to the cloud and want to find out about Atlassian's solution in detail? Contact us and we'll explain what this service is all about and why you should choose it; find out what moving to the cloud entails, especially compared to on premise products

Bye Bye Server

Do you own a Server version of Atlassian products like Jira, Bitbucket or Confluence? The time to move to the cloud is now! Don't risk ending up with a product that will soon be obsolete and rely on experienced partners to help you deal with this change

Migration strategy

Together with the Mind-Mercatis team, you can evaluate whether migration to the Cloud is really the right solution for your organization. We will walk you through each step, proposing solutions that are GDPR compliant, ensuring that you maintain the functionality


Integrate custom fields, apps and data into the Atlassian Cloud. Together with Mind-Mercatis you can enhance all the functionality you already use, extending your solution with the Atlassian marketplace

Migrating the right way

Have you decided you want to move to the Cloud, yet you are scared of managing your data, screens and customizations? Create your project with us in detail, preparing environments and teams for the Atlassian Cloud.

Education and Training on the Job

We support you at every stage of Atlassian Cloud adoption. In addition to the data, your team must also be ready to make the best Cloud choice. Our experts support each customer by enabling you to migrate with the right timing and knowledge

From On Prem to Cloud

Fear of technological change must be defeated with the right skills! Mind-Mercatis works to ensure the best user experience by minimizing interface changes, reducing friction during this transition

Rely on partners like us

Choosing us means having a partner who supports you in your search for Atlassian solutions by providing expert and transparent advice on the best choice for your team's evolution.

Our experience for your migration

Start the modernization of your systems with us

From Datacenter to Cloud

From legacy tools to the cloud

Let's build your Atlassian Cloud migration strategy together. Discover our packages dedicated to Cloud Migration and contact us for an assessment where you will evaluate with a team of experts the cost, the degree of complexity, the optimal solution for your migration. Start by getting the essential information so you can make the right decisions. 


More than 235,000 customers in 190 countries use Atlassian Cloud, lowering the cost and time of application management, making efficiency a strength of theirs

Ease of access

Use the Suite's tools easily, eliminating complex installations or hardware requirements tables. Just open the browser and your team can work safely and quickly


It often happens that one has to adapt one's choices to technology. With Atlassian Cloud, team, workload or customer growth are not a problem, as automatic or planned scalability is assured


The importance of security will not be your concern! Atlassian monitors and protects your information with real-time security patches and rigorous procedures for a secure and compliant cloud

Optimized ROI and TCO

Simplified monitoring and cost management for optimal use of resources. Your team can focus on business priorities, spending less time on maintenance and infrastructure issues

We tell you about one of our
success stories

Mind-Mercatis guided the client, a leading tire manufacturer, in understanding the benefits of the cloud solution...


Software customization and team training, here's how to make your work agile with us

Requirements Analysis

We listen to your needs to make collaboration an effective development experience. Fill out the consultation request form and get in touch with us, and we will be able to provide you with the information you need.

Project estimation

Transparency drives everything we do, so you can assess in detail the value of this new beginning with Mind-Mercatis. Let's choose together how to turn our proposal into your solution.

Drawing solution

We develop an exclusive project for your business with a team of technical experts. We turn your development idea into a strategy and provide the tools to make it a reality.

Installation and configuration

We install the product in optimal time, for a quick start of project implementation. We operationalize through unique configurations, the growth of your company.


Your team will be trained by our professionals to work independently and effectively with the new tools. In addition, we are always ready to support you in updating on new product features.


We offer support to each client for every aspect of collaboration. From technical to management to process definition and evaluation of new project ideas to implement together.


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