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High Speed IT with Jira Service Management

We support high-velocity teams in configuring a customized ITSM solution,
increasing an organization's efficiency and productivity

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Do you want to discover the benefits of centralized management?

About Jira Service Management

Have you heard acronyms like ITSM, ITIL, and ESM before, but aren't clear on why they might be critical for your team? Get clarity with the Mind-Mercatis team and discover the perfect service desk software for your organization


Enhance Jira Service Management with Confluence and your favorite tools, leverage custom add-ons and robust APIs, backed by a team of experts. Discover Mind-Mercatis-designed integration for ticket auto-resolution, streamlining back-office work with an innovative service

Jump Start Package

Start with us to revolutionize your Service Desk: start with a basic configuration without disrupting your processes and integrate additional functionality at the right time


Jira Service Management is flexible software that can adapt to your IT service management needs. Together we can create a solution tailored to your resolution, escalation or change processes


Have you decided to evolve your organization with Jira Service Management? Start appreciating its potential right away, our team will work with you step by step in a customized configuration designed to maximize the management of your services


We support the customer in professionalizing training on this market-leading tool. In addition, by using the integration for self-resolution of tickets, each user will be able to handle troubleshooting independently

We design experiences

The Mind-Mercatis team puts the user at the center, designing user-friendly interfaces, simplifying and centralizing access to the tools integrated with Jira Service Management to the maximum extent possible

Rely on partners like us

Choosing us means having a partner who supports you in defining and monitoring SLAs and KPIs, getting expert and transparent advice on the best solution for your team's evolution

The ticket management software for every team


Jira Service Management is a versatile solution used to date by more than 45,000 companies, choosing efficiency and sustainability to manage their IT services

Single platform

Collaborates within a single platform, making communication between business, development and support teams more efficient for rapid problem resolution

Customer service

Offer support to your customers on a personalized portal, grouping requests by channel and streamlining response and resolution times

Human Resources

With simplified workflows, onboarding, offboarding and all other requests become easy-to-manage processes. Help your team find answers on their own with the self-service portal

Metrics and IT Reports

Measure the value of your IT processes by aligning performance goals with business objectives and share this information with your stakeholders

Modular approach

Small-step implementation of the features you need and team training, here's how to make your work agile with us 

Requirements Analysis

We listen to your needs to make collaboration an effective development experience. Fill out the consultation request form and get in touch with us, and we will be able to provide you with the information you need.

Project estimation

Transparency drives everything we do, so you can assess in detail the value of this new beginning with Mind-Mercatis. Let's choose together how to turn our proposal into your solution.

Drawing solution

We develop an exclusive project for your business with a team of technical experts. We turn your development idea into a strategy and provide the tools to make it a reality.

Installation and configuration

We install the product in optimal time, for a quick start of project implementation. We operationalize through unique configurations, the growth of your company.


Your team will be trained by our professionals to work independently and effectively with the new tools. In addition, we are always ready to support you in updating on new product features.


We offer support to each client for every aspect of collaboration. From technical to management to process definition and evaluation of new project ideas to implement together.


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