What our customers are looking for


Understand how to bridge gaps in user experience, deepening knowledge on both active and potential touchpoints, for business evolution defined by deep market knowledge


Identify which factors are critical to the success of digital initiatives, processing available information and integrating new data acquisition tools for optimal use of resources and ideas


Designing omnichannel experiences for different customer clusters, building a fluid and integrated digital presence that can provide dynamic and personalized contact to the target audience


Involve stakeholders in the innovation and co-creation process, as knowledge of the peculiarities of each business is the key starting point for being able to define new experiences together

Our approach

Discover our winning methodology to improve your business

Analysis of the context and best practices

Identification of the most interesting players in the reference scenario and selection of the most significant examples.

Co-creation workshop

Implementation of workshops for co-creation and co-design of the different moments of contact between the company and customers.

Service blueprint

Design of the service blueprint, i.e., representation of the organizational and technological aspects of customer contact.

Minimum Viable Experience (MVX)

High-level prototyping of an MVX that concretizes the first core of the service to be implemented.

Evaluation of the prototype

User testing of the prototype to gather useful feedback to enhance strengths and correct critical issues.

Industrialization of the prototype

Detail development of the prototyped component in order to make it an integral part of the overall solution.

Experts in your digital transformation

We help companies evolve in their relationship with their customers

Food Sector

"Our company needed a strategy to stay abreast of market evolution, and the solution together with Mind-Mercatis was to redesign the services offered to customers...all through automations to extract data and communicate better!"

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Fashion retail sector

"We are a company that has been in the fashion industry for a long time, but we did not have such a deep understanding of digital tools. With Mind-Mercatis, we integrated our e-commerce data with analysis and reporting tools, successfully redesigning our business growth strategy."

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Beauty and Cosmetics Sector

"We had long had ideas to better digitize our customers' experience but, understanding how to make our infrastructure flexible and how to implement our project was not easy. We turned to Mind-Mercatis to ask for strategic and operational support..to this day our collaboration continues with enthusiasm and many future plans."

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Manufacturing Sector

We are a young company that is always looking for innovative proposals. Mind-Mercatis' digital team listened to our ideas and together we designed an internal platform to manage our business and make our growth scalable. - Manufacturing Sector

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