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Markas is a leading international service company based in Bolzano, Italy. It operates mainly in Italy, Austria and Romania, working for more than 30 years with public and private institutions and offering them a fully integrated range of services, from cleaning to catering, hospital logistics and patient care to housekeeping services.


Markas has a policy on ownership of process know-how and integrations between systems, but historically has delegated all implementation to third parties (typically application vendors). This led to a scenario where integration was contractor-driven and usually, with little control and long implementation and go-live times. The new CIO decided to take back control of the integration and identify potential solutions, arriving at the choice of Boomi after a detailed POC. Markas contacted Mind-Mercatis directly requesting the introduction of a data integration platform. Mind-Mercatis, in collaboration with Boomi Italy, presented them with the potential of the Boomi iPaaS platform with respect to both integration and API management.

How to streamline the IT of a historic company in the field of integrated services?

The client starting with heterogeneous software systems required the adoption of new cloud and on-premise platforms to consolidate and improve legacy systems. The project mainly involved management, finance and human resources processes, speeding up IT processes. In particular, human resources is a key strategic focus area for Markas, including complex processes related to 'onboarding, contract management, payroll systems, and communication between the human resources management system with other systems.


The challenge has been to follow a very rapid but progressive approach, implementing everything in-house with focused input, providing the client with a single reference for integration governance. 

The project:

Mind-Mercatis chose to use the power of Boomi to integrate a dozen different platforms and to design interfaces (e.g., REST APIs) in order to make the software solution extensible. Process troubleshooting was made much faster by using an integrated monitoring mechanism.

The Mind-Mercatis approach

Improving business agility in order to simplify and govern the adoption of new systems was made possible through a phased adoption approach. After the PoC, and its approval by the client, Mind-Mercatis develops its intervention on two fronts. First is the quickstart that includes on-site training, on-the-job training, and architectural and development consulting with face-to-face and remote support. Second, the adoption of the technology component was based on the integration of new systems, consolidation from preexisting systems, and replacement of integrations outside the governance perimeter. With the Boomi AtomSphere Platform, the company can independently perform integrations in a timely and structured manner.

This led to an initial wave of integration focused on human resources that led to connecting:

  • MS Dynamics 365 CRM
  • Oracle HCM
  • Zucchetti
  • Q-81 HSE
  • FleetSupport
  • CSB

Recent developments: 

Mind-Mercatis constantly supports the customer on best practices and technical decisions. As of today, in fact, the prospects for customer use of solutions within the Boomi ecosystem (i.e., Boomers' BAE) are expanded


After 18 months the client:

  • Has achieved full autonomy in adopting the solution
  • Achieved multiple integrations while keeping pace with business needs and without the need to spend large integration budgets
  • Markas now uses 15 Boomi connectors: four dedicated to human resources, three to management, one to

CRM, one in use at the plant's production software and other verticals; others used for file exchange between multiple software products.

Future developments: 

The client plans to further expand HR integrations over the next 12 months by adopting more modules from the SAP suite. The client was also shown Boomers' BEA to propose an integrated onboarding experience.

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