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The client, well-established in the luxury sector at the international level, decided it wanted to independently manage the resources and data acquired on customer satisfaction, with the aim of increasing the quality of services and their degree of personalization. In fact, in 2019, the need arose to autonomously acquire information on the perception of the customer experience in the pre- and post-purchase phases in order to implement actions aimed at customer retention and increasing customer lifetime value.

Surveys to understand customer satisfaction

Mind-Mercatis, as an expert partner in digital experience development and system integration, has been working with the client since 2018. In the first phase of collaboration, the goal was the implementation of the post-purchase email marketing automation flow for the entire e-commerce network, in which each partner used its own system to send emails. 

The next phase of the project involved centralizing the CRM and email system, using Oracle Responsys as the campaign manager. Through a single endpoint for dem, sms, email and automation, Mind-Mercatis unified data with Boomi, enabling centralized control of the client's wholesale network.

The challenge

The client previously used a tool that did not allow control over the data, relying on third parties for surveys...

Our approach

With an ad hoc created database, into which some tables have been loaded that interface with a Learning Management System (LMS)...

The Project

Mind-Mercatis, took action by integrating the centralized CRM created for email, with the platform where surveys, distributed across Europe ...

The results

The ability to know the perception of their shoppers' experience online and in-store...


The client previously used a tool that did not allow control over the data, relying on third parties for surveys, with little customization and little flexibility for future developments:


Mind-Mercatis, intervened by integrating the centralized CRM created for email, with the platform where surveys, distributed in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Latin America, were processed in 17 languages and divided into 3 thematic modules ( NPS, Retail and E-commerce). To date, more than 100 surveys have been implemented: initially they were planned only for physical stores but, after successfully exceeding customer expectations, they have been introduced within 2021 for all e-commerce partners as well. In the physical store, the survey is sent within minutes after the purchase is made thanks to Boomi intercepting the information through the customer's systems; for online purchases, on the other hand, it is sent after the product has been delivered. 

A peculiarity of surveys is the distinction by experience score of ratings, which opens up different scenarios: 

- The positive ones, with a score between 7 and 10 

- Negative ones with a score of less than 5

For in-store shoppers who felt the shopping experience was positive, the possibility of sharing the experience on other channels is structured. For the negative experience, on the other hand, in addition to being able to express the motivation through open response, the possibilities of entering email or phone are presented: the final customer's response is categorized thanks to a text analyzer that involves opening a ticket at the customer's contact center, where an operator takes over a new communication flow, with the possibility of interacting with the customer directly, for a quick resolution of the misunderstanding.

The ticketing systems used are Dynamics and Service Cloud, the use of which differs by geographic area. The surveys therefore are not an end in themselves since to date the client receives daily reporting through customized reporting of the number of completed surveys and aggregate data on the outcomes of the assessments, being able to gain real-time control of business performance and operate effectively and timely. 

our approach

With a purpose-built database, a number of tables interfacing with a Learning Management System (LMS) via Boomi were loaded, uploading buyer data from emails containing the survey. 

The LMS structure provides that for each questionnaire there is an ID with unique url, with armored access defining a one-week limit for opening and completing the survey. Thus, only loyal buyers with a high email communication open rate are considered.

 Centralized data management is implemented through a plugin, allowing preloading of the email address and entry of the same number of questions in the same order, for optimal data visualization and analysis. The rules for graphical appearance, on the other hand, have been implemented with a parent template in Javascript, to act more effectively and securely on all surveys.  

The Results

  • The ability to learn about the perception of its online and in-store shoppers' experience, through real-time acquisition and analysis of survey data, has enabled:
  • Recent developments: 

    The integration of a new type of survey dedicated to in-store and contact center complaint handling capability, conveying customer evaluation in different streams. 

  • Future developments: 

    Conduct additional surveys and/or add additional questions, which can identify those micro-moments of the post-purchase period, which are not fully mapped today, to refine the level of communication to support each customer. 


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