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CSM360 distinguishes itself as a high value-added consulting and service company, proposing innovative solutions according to customer needs and desires. In addition, it is recognized as a Service Mobility Partner by major rental companies, thanks to the promotion of a new concept of Full Fleet Management Service, standing out for innovation, service quality and simplification. With its ability to manage complex processes and integrate data sources, CSM360 offers dynamic dashboards and fully digitized processes. Customization of services is one of its distinctive values, supported by many years of know-how. The 360 ecosystem includes on-demand services, enabling comprehensive after-sales service management. With an extensive network of more than 3,000 repair facilities and territorial partnerships, CSM360 ensures rapid coverage of customer needs. The Advanced Technical Downtime Service offers complete and timely management of each case, with actions aimed at reducing technical downtime and detailed analysis based on customer-specific KPIs. CSM360 is strongly oriented toward the digitization of all business activities, enabling constant optimization through control and measurability, for high quality services delivered to customers.

A unique tool

CSM360 in the early days of the project had a mission to innovate the Fleet management industry, and to do so required first of all finding Partners with a strong connotation in the future of solutions in their DNA.

Choosing the ideal solution to implement innovative tools is of paramount importance. Therefore, following a technical and strategic analysis between Mindmercatis and CSM360, exploring possibilities and capabilities of the solutions, the options to be evaluated with relative divergent time and cost were:

  1. Building from scratch a system 
  2. Customizing the existing system

The realization of a partnership between Mind-Mercatis and CSM360 I resulted in a project to develop a highly customized product.

CSM360 has innovated a specific field that is still unique at the European level.


The challenge

The main challenge has been to create an ad-hoc product that includes all the developments ...

Our approach

Following a technical and strategic analysis with Mind-Mercatis, JIRA's CRM customization ...

The Project

The powerful foundation of Atlassian's JIRA CRM was chosen to implement the project...

The results

The collaboration continues with mutual satisfaction by overcoming resistance...


The main challenge has been to create an ad-hoc product that includes all the developments so far implemented on Jira by Mind-Mercatis and all the KPIs made by CSM360 in the form of a marketable app for all circumscribed realities in the same context.


The powerful base of Atlassian's JIRA CRM with extensive customization was chosen to implement the project. The final product was appreciated and considered excellent by the client, as well as implemented in a few months.

our approach

Following a technical and strategic analysis with Mind-Mercatis, customization of JIRA's CRM enabled the creation of a unique product, "JIRA360." The software to date supports the client as a B.I. tool where Dashboards can be created and displayed to CSM360 clients in real time. 

In addition, proprietary software was developed in house: this required different development time but, thanks to the Jira360 solution, it was possible for CSM360 to develop the Portal Solution 360 tool, in which the in-house tool is fully integrated with JIRA. Communication between the two environments takes place in real time in total security, allowing CSM360 to take full advantage of the technologies of each.

Mind-Mercatis then provided support in the selection of plugins to be used on JIRA (more than 15 currently) and for preventive maintenance of a System that continues to grow both in terms of the data used and the users who use it.

The Results

The collaboration continues with mutual satisfaction by overcoming the resistance of "always done it this way" patterns and habits often found in stakeholder supply chains:

-Automatic and scheduled extraction Of all the information needed to compile Jira fields required for building dashboards and reports

-Control over business tools and scalability of tools

-Proposal of services highly innovative for CSM360's clients

Recently, integration has been made with the ERP TeamSystem Gamma Enterprise for automation of the active and passive cycle.

For future developments, the evaluation of additional Plugins to further optimize the high quality of services offered continues. 



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