The Cloud computing in recent years has evolved through the demand for computing services, from databases to increased and efficient processing power. Well into this context of continuous innovation comes artificial intelligence (AI) supporting the expansion of cloud computing, from machine learning capabilities to what are cloud computing environments.

Specifically, AI is increasingly acquiring the connotation of a product when intelligent assistants (just think of Open AI's Chat GPT), conversational bots and more are designed with it, optimizing the activities of enterprises thanks to that technology to date referred to as Generative AI

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In effect, it is advanced Machine Learning that enables, for example, the creation of text, images, intelligent assistance, and code generation, thus making this technological principle applicable to a diverse range of services, sectors, and business areas (design, marketing, IT, HR). 


We are therefore witnessing a paradigm shift in which the applicability of AI from being a highly innovative element pertaining to large multinational corporations-usually the promoters of experimental trends-becomes a highly innovative but accessible element for small and medium-sized companies as well. 


The usability of AI-based products increasingly specialized on the ability to support companies to improve and speed up work has also become a value proposition of the Atlassian platform, with Atlassian Intelligence. The new service offered by this market leader in enterprise collaboration solutions is available to Cloud customers.

After a brief overview of this interesting service, are you ready to expand your team with a new virtual collaborator?


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