Milan, Italy, May 31, 2024 

Mind-Mercatis s.rl., the leading on cloud integration design and services, today announced it has joined the Boomi Technology Partner Program and has contributed to the partner ecosystem by releasing the “Mind-Mercatis AWS Partner Connector.”

Mind-Mercatis, known for its focus on disruptive innovation and speed, in partnership with Boomi™ since 2014, is focused on delivering value to customers by providing support on innovation and digital transformation processes. Thanks to its strong know-how on integration and cloud technologies, Mind-Mercatis provides its customers the foundation for agility and scalability of business processes.

MIND-MERCATIS AWS – PARTNER CONNECTOR complements Boomi AWS integration solutions by providing joint customers a connector to simplify calling the Amazon Web Services APIs. It seamlessly integrates into Boomi processes, automating machine learning tasks such as Amazon’s Rekognition Image and Translate features, Amazon Comprehend’s sentiment analysis,  interaction with NoSQL DynamoDB, provisioning of Virtual Machines (e.g. Amazon EC2 service which can turn on/off Virtual Machines), and querying the status of services (e.g. Amazon Athena service to create tables). 

The connector supports interacting both with region-based services (e.g. Amazon EC2) and non-region tied services (e.g. Amazon IAM), calling twenty-seven prominent AWS services. There are many benefits in using a dedicated connector rather than relying on custom scripting:

-Credentials are securely managed through the integration platform as a service (iPaaS) infrastructure of the Boomi Platform 

-No manual coding

-Request signature and marshaling is automatically managed by the connector

-Developer does not need to remember API versions and conventions

-Success status/failure is automatically managed by the connector or within the process

A customer can choose to use AWS Comprehend to add machine learning-powered sentiment analysis seamlessly to customer resource management (CRM) processes, AWS Rekognition artificial intelligence capabilities to augment Boomi Flow applications, allowing them to identify objects within pictures, to read and store unstructured data in DynamoDB NoSQL, to integrate existing AWS Lambda business logins within existing Boomi processes (e.g. Map lookups or enrichments), to trigger existing AWS Lambda scripts as a part of larger business processes managed via Boomi Flow or to provision EC2/RDS resources on-demand based on user requests coming from Boomi Flow apps. 

You can find additional information, how to make the connector configuration, prerequisites, limitations and tracked properties, here or contact to learn how 

We’re excited to release this new connector which enables seamless cooperation between Boomi and AWS: two of the most disruptive cloud players in the market. It’s now possible to create end-to-end zero-coding solutions by tying together AWS’s services using Boomi Integration and Flow. We see unlimited potential: extend your CRM and ERP with the power of AWS AI services, orchestrate your EC2 fleet when needed for BI purposes, provision AWS resources on demand when ITSM requests get approved…We’re looking forward for community feedback and to provide more and more features and extend connector support to the whole AWS ecosystem.

 – Simone Avogadro (CEO, Mind-Mercatis)

Mind-Mercatis’ extensive experience in helping businesses digitally transform their business processes aligns with our promise to accelerate and simplify integration and automation, making an organization’s data actionable across the business. We are expanding our partnership with Mind-Mercatis and welcome them also in the Technology Partner Program.”   

Reggie Penn, Vice President, Boomi Marketplace and Technology Alliances


Customers can learn more about the Mind-Mercatis s.r.l. and Boomi partnership by visiting: 

Mind-Mercatis srl – Member | Boomi Partner Program Directory

About Mind-Mercatis

Mind-Mercatis is constantly innovating and focusing on keeping the IT implementation roadmaps aligned with the business strategies, ensuring that digital transformation stays on track and delivers value for business.

As a leading innovator Mind-Mercatis has been one of the first firms in Italy to embrace the AWS cloud as a means to speed up the innovation pace. Similarly, it’s been among the first in Europe to immediately see the disruptive advantages of the Boomi iPaaS offering and to provide customers with consulting and implementation capabilities and to deliver projects which feature brilliant success stories.

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