Easy interconnection between systems

Boomi Integration

Boomi scales to meet high-volume, mobile, batch (ETL) and EDI needs for a customer’s experience without interruptions.

Boomi B2B/EDI Management

Quickly integrate suppliers and other partners and monitor all interactions through a centralized portal with Boomi B2B/EDI Management.

Dedicated Application Connectors

Dedicated connectors to manage standard functionality for interacting with the SAP application, especially the Remote Function Module (RFM), BAPI or IDoc.

AS2 Server

Manage business files securely with this native functionality. Integrate your data in real time thanks to Boomi

Rely on experts in systems integrationWe have complex requirements for integration with various cloud applications and on premise related to our business in the GDO sector. B2b integration with our vendors was required and to date, with the support of Mind-Mercatis, we can consider Boomi an effective choice - IT manager automotive sector


Transform and connect with SAP

icon-benefici SAP helps companies

SAP helps companies in their digital transformation by connecting functions of multiple lines of business and industry solutions.

icon-benefici Boomi meets Sap

Boomi offers SAP customers all the benefits of a low-development platform for rapid cost-optimized integrations.

icon-benefici Customers’ knowledge to their advantage

Configure your integrations and get the data they need using an approach driven by predefined procedures.

icon-benefici Consolidate SAP data into other ERP systems

Integrate data between SAP and any third-party system or application with Boomi platform for a development experience tailored to your business.

Our approach

Discover our winning methodology for improving your business

We gather requirements

We listen to your requirements in order to make collaboration an effective development experience with your needs at the center.

Project estimation

Transparency drives everything we do, so you can estimate in detail the value of this new beginning with Mind-Mercatis. Choose your application solutions with us.

Implementation Technical Solution

An exclusive project for your business with a team of technical experts for Integration Development, testing and inspection with the subsystems involved.

Activation in Production

We install the product in optimal time for a rapid start of project implementation and the release on execution environments.

Post go-live support

Your team will be supported in this transformation. Our specialists are ready to listen to your collaborators’ needs on current projects


Your team can receive on-demand training from our professionals to work independently and effectively with the new tools.


We offer support to each client for every aspect of collaboration, from technical to management, defining processes and evaluating new project ideas to implement together.