Discover the functionality of Bitbucket

Easy work on code

Code writing and review come together in a single work process. Comment, deploy streamlined, high-performing code, and view how your repositories change.

Branch permissions

Permissions and code intervention levels are customized by role and skills. Create specific conditions to join individual branches, branch templates or force merge type controls securely.

Pull requests tool

Sending and managing pull requests is a new and effective way to work on code. Create requests with your developers to fix bugs, to add functionality or to modify documentation.

Project pipeline

Test compilation and execution are automated and deployed safely. Discover Bitbucket built-in CI/CD tool and simplify your pipeline and set up rapid feedback flows.

Rely on certified professionals!"Our challenge was to harmonize processes and to optimize our workflows. Mind-Mercatis successfully supported us in creating an integrated planning process that would provide us with multi-team and multi-supplier management, time tracking and capacity planning. The quality and timing of our processes have significantly improved." - IT MANGER AUTOMOTIVE SECTOR


Discover why millions of companies choose Bitbucket

icon-benefici Granular control

Create work groups for each task, define the role of users in the work environment and customize permissions. Workload will be reduced and operations more efficient.

icon-benefici Build integrations

View build results from your CI system. Monitor the functionality of your code with the icon that indicates whether each operation is "successful" or "failed."

icon-benefici Automated pipelines

Use plug-and-play functionality to activate your automated CI/CD pipelines. Use one of the predefined templates or create one for continuous integrations and project development without manual control.

icon-benefici Integration with Jira software

Increase the frequency of project version releases by 14%. View from tickets the progress of work and take action from the Bitbucket user’s interface.

Our approach

Discover our winning methodology to improve your business

Requirements Analysis

We listen to your needs to make collaboration an effective development experience. Fill out the consultation request form and get in touch with us, we will be able to provide you with the information you need.

Project estimation

Transparency drives everything we do, so you can estimate in detail the value of this new beginning with Mind-Mercatis. Choose together how to turn our proposal into your solution.

Solution Design

We develop an exclusive design for your business with a team of technical experts. We turn the development idea into a strategy and we provide the tools to make it a reality.

Installation and configuration

We install the product in optimal time for a quick start of project implementation. We carry out the growth of your company through unique configurations.


Your team will be trained by our professionals to work independently and effectively with the new tools. In addition, we are always ready to support you in updating on new product functionality.


We offer support to each client for every aspect of collaboration. From technical support to management up to process definition and evaluation of new project ideas in order to implement them together.